Practice Battle with ST

Hey, It’s Denzzil, for all of you that DO visit this site regularly, we have been doing great. SO, we have a Practice Battle with Sun Troopers. We should do really good! Ok just a quick post here are the dates.

Day:Saturday, February 12.

Server and Place:Cozy,Town


1:00P.M Eastern

2:00P.M Central

3:00P.M Pacific

8:00P.M UK

MUST stay in town!!!



Awesome Unscheduled Recruiting

It went nice, i hope we got new recruits, but it still was fun 😀


Ok well Good Job if you were here.

By the way, active count on Tuesday so read the post.


Size doesn’t matter in battle, it’s the tactics.

Forget the recruiting were in a tourney

Now i know it’s a little too early for tourney’s, but if we REALLY try hard, we can definitely win, (almost). Ok so, not exactly sure of the date but i sure know i have…one…main…target. The Junk Warriors. I have two reasons why there my main target.

1.) Because they stole our initial’s!

2.) Because, they think there SOOOO great, but we can take them with a good fight. I checked there site and it’s so unorganized. This is a paragraph of there post.


I ming36428 refuse to fight. CPFBI, ST, SW, and Parkas r going to war. i refuse to fight and there for if this is a problem for our allies and our army itself and if u have a problem with me not fighting i will destroy the army i created.

How it should look:

I, ming36428 refuse to fight. CPFBI, ST, SW, and Parkas are going to war. I refuse to fight, and there for, if this is a problem for our allies and our army itself and if you have a problem with me not fighting, I will destroy the army I created.

I would like to see it destroyed 🙂

Me being a leader, I’m not trying to hate on anyone or TRY to be enemies, but I really just don’t like the army. I don’t wanna be enemies or anything I’m just saying that I really just don’t like them and there just my main target. Were  still going to attack other armies, but mainly that one. I just hope they don’t see this post, because if they do, they’ll want to be  enemies for sure! That’s not what I’m trying to but i just… It’s hard to explain, just not liking an army. Seriously, they literally took ten seconds on the name. At least our army name doesn’t mean garbage, ours means, big and awesome and JUMBO sized. Ok well I got everything off my chest and now I’m done. I’ll post the dates of the tourney later. Bye


Size doesn’t matter in battle, it’s the tactics.

Mass Recruiting(Better be better)

Ok, well obviously that recruiting we did the other day did nothing because i had 2 RECRUITS ON!

Well, were making  Recruiting better.

Sunday December 30th

6:30 Est

Tap finish the times please.

Mass recruiting

We will be recruiting, and i mean recruiting. Be on chat. Please read this post, it’s important recruiting info. Here are the  4 rules

1.) Don’t ONLY say “Be blue for blueberries” or “Join Blue for water!”. All of that is good, but we have to also say “Join Jumbo Warriors” and ” Loo Ok us up online”. Don’t forget the main part of recruiting is to get new recruits. If they look us up online as “The Blues” they’re not going to  find us.

2.) Be on chat. This is important because if your not on chat and we say on 3, joke bomb the plaza, your going to be late and that’s bad for our reputation and makes us look bad.

3.) Listen to leaders. If you don’t listen then our lines will look a mess, we won’t know what to do, and we would all be fighting on what tactics to do.

4.) Last but not least, respect soldier’s. If you do this no one will get mad and end up leaving our session. And we want ALL of our soldiers to be happy and ready for anything.

Our recruiting event will be on,…Ascent 25th of December

5:30 Est

Dancer can you the rest of the times please, thanks!

General of Army, Denzzil

Remember, Size doesn’t matter in battle, it’s the tactics.

The New Leader

Ok Jumbo Warriors, we have a new leader and his name is Tap. We are gonna rise and own all that oppose us. We will kill all that oppose us. Let’s kick some butt.

Remember the date.

Remember the date, 1/16/11, that’s the day JW will make an epic comeback. Currently, I am recruiting new members and updating the site and the sidebar. We should be somewhere in the 5th place in small armies. Well, if you want to help JW please start recruiting on Club Penguin and getting friends to join this army because we can successful.